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New patients

New patients usually come to Peter Bullock following referral from a general practitioner or consultant. GP referral is generally preferred, but if you are paying for your own treatment rather than through your health insurance, you can make an appointment directly, without a GP referral letter.

Please contact Peter Bullock’s personal assistant:
020 3219 3344 or email: *M.jWwRU20vy-z4^[_K@?$ZIgPkA%fX]#[uVk`DdB5xKkbmg~M@O6z'jI/KYO-0\D

GP referrals

If you are a general practitioner and have a patient in need of treatment, you can make referrals to Peter Bullock directly. Please contact his personal assistant on: 020 3219 3344 or email: *M.jWwRU20vy-z4^[_K@?$ZIgPkA%fX]#[uVk`DdB5xKkbmg~M@O6z'jI/KYO-0\D

The London Clinic’s Appointments and Information Office can also handle generic referrals. Phone: 020 7616 7693 or email: *M.jWwRU20vy-z4^[_K@?$ZIgPkA%]#[h9w^MdGl%s\fwisNJC4$*j=RK@t3m

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