Michelle, 40, London

Michelle, was treated by Peter Bullock for trigeminal neuralgia.

What and when were the first signs of your illness?

It started with pain in my top left teeth whenever I ate.

How was it diagnosed, and by whom?

Via an MRI scan that I had at the Blackheath Hospital in 2001. This was through the first consultant neurologist I saw.

How did you come to Mr Bullock?

After unsuccessful microvascular decompression surgery in 2006 by another neurosurgeon, my consultant at Blackheath suggested I see Mr Bullock for the Gamma Knife® procedure.

What has your treatment involved and how long did it take?

I had Gamma Knife® in 2007 but this was unsuccessful. This was followed by two radiofrequency rhizotomies (known as tic injections) in September 2009 and March 2010, which were helpful for a short time. As a last resort I decided to have microvascular decompression surgery again in October 2010.

What has been the outcome?

I have been pain free since my last MVD surgery in 2010.

How have you found your time as a patient with Mr Bullock?

I can honestly say that Mr Bullock has changed my life. Whenever I had a recurrence of trigeminal neuralgia, he was at the end of the phone to offer advice, support and encouragement. I have been on holiday in Jamaica and was able to speak directly to him from there. During my treatments he was always very supportive to me and my husband. I remember during one rhizotomy my husband had gone to check on his car when I was taken to theatre and Mr Bullock allowed my husband to come into theatre to see me before the procedure. He included me in all correspondence to my GP and I know he was delighted that my last procedure was a success.