Patient stories

Our specialities include brain tumours (glioma, meningioma, pineal tumours and cerebral metastases); pituitary tumours; brain haemorrhage; and trigeminal neuralgia.

Gianpaolo, 48, Hong Kong

Gianpaolo was treated by Peter Bullock for a subacute subdural haematoma.

What and when were the first signs of your illness?

Recurring headaches during late September and October 2010.

How was it diagnosed, and by whom?

By MRI scan at The London Clinic at the end of October 2010.

How did you come to Mr Bullock?

He was called to the hospital immediately after the results of my MRI scan late in the evening. The haematoma was gigantic and the brain’s midline shift was significant.

What has your treatment involved and how long did it take?

I was operated on and the procedure was burrhole drainage of a subdural haematoma. The intracranial pressure was so strong that Mr Bullock needed only to drill one hole in my skull. The operation lasted less than an hour. I stayed in hospital for another five days, then it took me a few weeks to recover.

What has been the outcome?

Full recovery. Beforehand, I had had recurring headaches, but the surgery went smoothly and I had absolutely no pain at all immediately after the surgery. I was able to walk a day after the procedure without anyone helping me and I never felt discomfort of any kind. Afterwards, I had the usual post-procedure MRI scans as I had to fly to Argentina at the end of November.

I was cleared to fly safely to Argentina four weeks after surgery and I had no issues despite the 14-hour flight time. I played a polo tournament the following January in Thailand and a full UK season of polo in 2011. No side effects, no sequels but I followed Mr Bullock’s recommendations to the letter!

How have you found your time as a patient with Mr Bullock?

I think Peter Bullock is one of the most engaging, constructive and reassuring doctors I have ever met. His medical qualities are beyond question, but the human side of the treatment, pre- and post-operation is just amazing and sets him apart totally. He knew perfectly well that I was crazy about polo and that getting back on a horse to play was at the top of my agenda. He did everything he could within the boundaries of what was medically possible to make me achieve my objective – put me back in the saddle. He listened, observed me a lot and I was just amazed how responsive and constructive Peter was all along the way from the Wednesday evening we discovered this huge subdural haematoma to six months later for routine MRI check-ups. All my questions, uncertainties, fears were addressed one by one and all I can say is that he epitomises modern medicine in that his gigantic medical knowledge is blended with a human side that is second to none.