Patient stories

Our specialities include brain tumours (glioma, meningioma, pineal tumours and cerebral metastases); pituitary tumours; brain haemorrhage; and trigeminal neuralgia.

Gina, 72, London

Medical professional Gina was treated by Peter Bullock for a brain tumour.

What and when were the first signs of your illness?

Severe headaches, high blood pressure, dizziness and left-sided weakness a few days before the operation.

How was it diagnosed, and by whom?

By MRI scans at The London Clinic.

How did you come to Mr Bullock?

On the recommendation of GP Dr Anthony Hughes and consultant neurologist
Dr Oliver Cockerell.

What has your treatment involved and how long did it take?

My surgery took three to four hours and there was very little, if any, post-operative pain or discomfort. This has been followed up by radiotherapy and chemotherapy at The London Clinic.

What has been the outcome?

The operation went extremely well. The tumour was completely removed and I am now pain free and on the road to recovery.

How have your found your time as a patient with Mr Bullock?

In addition to being a first class surgeon, Mr Bullock has a wonderful bedside manner and is very reassuring. He made me feel very comfortable and reassured throughout the whole experience. He also took great care to explain what was happening to my daughter who was very distressed about my condition. Mr Bullock was extremely helpful, supportive and approachable throughout what would otherwise have been a much more traumatic ordeal for my daughter and me. I cannot recommend Mr Bullock highly enough.