Patient stories

Our specialities include brain tumours (glioma, meningioma, pineal tumours and cerebral metastases); pituitary tumours; brain haemorrhage; and trigeminal neuralgia.

Sammy, 17, Kent

Sammy was treated by Peter Bullock for a brain haemorrhage secondary to a cavernoma of the motor strip.

What and when were the first signs of your illness?

I knew something wasn’t right as I was getting headaches quite often and little seizures in my face aswell as weakness of one side. I was diagnosed in May 2009.

How was it diagnosed, and by whom?

I was sent for an MRI scan by my GP.

How did you come to Mr Bullock?

I had the brain scan in Canterbury and they sent me to Mr Bullock straight away.

What has your treatment involved and how long did it take?

Firstly I was put on medication for a few months and then Mr Bullock suggested surgery. I think the operation lasted a few hours and I was in hospital for a week afterwards. I remember that when I woke up my head did hurt but that was expected – it cleared up after I’d been on pain killer’s for a few days. I still have some follow-up treatments, such as an MRI scan every now and then to make sure everything is okay.

What has been the outcome?

Since my operation with Mr Bullock I’m fine – he has made me better!

How have you found your time as a patient with Mr Bullock?

Mr Bullock is a great neurosurgeon. He really encouraged me during the period of my illness, he made sure I knew of all the complications of my surgery and ensured I would be fine. My family and I cannot thank him enough.